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Repairs on bathtubs, showers and sinks are feasible when the finish is in good condition and the damage is localized to one or two areas. Whether your surface is acrylic, fiberglass, cultured marble, porcelain or steel Erich's Reglazing can easily fix these materials.

The majority of bathroom repairs such as cracks, chips and holes can be completed within an hour or two and the surface may be used by the next evening. We have even repaired holes the size of a baseball!

Most surface repair procedures involve filling, sanding and airbrushing to blend the coating into the existing surface. Nine out of ten people will not be able to detect a repair. Generally, you will still detect it because you know exactly where it was.

If the bottom of the tub is cracked or deflects a lot when you step on it. We can repair it using several methods, which we would determine the best approach once we have looked at the fixture.

In some instances, where there are mutiple repair areas it may be less expensive to just refinish the entire tub.
Types of repairs made
  • Holes filled
  • scratches repaired
  • cracks repaired
  • cigarette burns repaired
  • inlays installed
  • slip resistant surfaces installed
  • Tub cleaning offered
Images: The homeowner purchased a home with a handicapp accessable shower stall. Rather than replace the entire stall to meet their needs, we removed all the hardware and filled about 11 holes from where the fastening bolts were installed. We then went on to refinish the entire stall in high gloss white.